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An important area of responsibility of the Kurt Landauer Foundation is the care of the graves of people who have made a contribution to FC Bayern Munich. For us, it is primarily about people who have achieved a lot for the club, but are not always in the focus. We don't want to forget these either and hold up the memory of them. At the moment we have taken care of the maintenance of five graves or financed restoration work.

KURT LANDAUER (1884-1961)

In 2017 we took over the care of the Landauer family's grave of Kurt Landauer's nephew Uri Siegel in the New Israelite Cemetery. 

In addition to the seasonal flower planting, we have also carried out major restoration work. In 2019, the large gravestone had to be laboriously dismantled and rebuilt by a stonemason, and a new foundation laid in order to ensure stability.
In 2020 we also had the grave rebuilt, it was straightened and new yew trees were planted, so that today you can find a worthy burial site for our honorary president and his family.

MARIA MEISSNER (1911-2008)

In autumn 2018 we took over the care of Maria Meissner's grave in the north cemetery, which we had newly constructed and have been maintaining since then.

The unique story of Maria Meissner as a pioneer of women's football, the good soul of FC Bayern on Säbener Strasse and “mother” of the trophies, which she looked after into old age, will make her unforgettable.


Since 2019 we have been taking care of the large family grave of the Schülein family in the New Israelite Cemetery. In coordination with the cemetery administration of the Israelitische Kultusgemeinde we carry out cleaning work and pruning plants.
Herrmann Schülein, who came from the Jewish brewing family Schülein, was a member and a major sponsor of FC Bayern since 1927. He followed in the footsteps of father Joseph, became general director of Löwenbräu, developed it into the largest Bavarian brewery until he had to resign from his position in 1935 under pressure from the Nazis and fled to America. From there, too, he continued to support his Bavarians, including in 1954 through financial support for the expansion of the sports facility on Säbener Strasse.


We were referred to this grave of our former player by a Bayern fan who noticed it in the Ostfriedhof and who knew our projects.

Joszef Zsamboki was very successful in hunting goals for FC Bayern in the Oberliga Süd from 1957-1960, and then played in Kassel and Strasbourg. After his career, Zsamboki moved back to Munich.
We found out that the costs for the burial were borne by the city of Munich and in 2019 we had the right to care for the grave site transferred to us. We obtained a special permit from the city in order to be able to integrate a memorial stone with the Bavarian coat of arms here. With the local nursery, we also took care of the new construction and planting of the grave.



Heinrich Berliner - Munich resident, FC Bayern supporter, club member and always happy to attend his Bayern's games in the stadium - one of us you and me, one of us.

But the life of Heinrich Berliner, which began on April 24, 1903 in Munich, did not turn out like ours due to his Jewish roots, but ended hopelessly in suicide on November 9, 1940 due to humiliation and disenfranchisement by the Nazis.
Through research by FC Bayern we became aware of Heinrich Berliner's biography. During a visit to the New Israelite Cemetery in Munich, we looked at the grave of Heinrich Berliner, where the name and the dates on the tombstone were barely recognizable. The restoration of Heinrich Berliner’s tombstone offered by us was accepted with great thanks.

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