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who we are

We took the rediscovery of Kurt Landauer as an opportunity to give the memory of him and social commitment in the sense of his values a framework in the form of an association. We come from different corners of the stadium and come from a wide variety of backgrounds. We are united by our enthusiasm for Kurt Landauer, his values and FC Bayern as the club for which he laid the foundation stone.

The association “Kurt Landauer Stiftung eV” aims, through its activities, to address the former president of FC Bayern Munich, Kurt Landauer, to its history and the values he represents, as well as to other personalities and events from the history of FC Bayern Munich to remember.

In particular, projects should be promoted in the sense of a cosmopolitan, progressive, liberal and anti-racist society and a peaceful and equal coexistence of all people regardless of their nationality, citizenship, ethnic and cultural origin.



When the Schickeria München fan group named an anti-racist soccer tournament after the former Bayern President Kurt Landauer in 2006, only a few people knew his name. Before that one could find his story almost exclusively in the works of the football historian Dietrich Schulze-Marmeling.


Ten editions of this tournament, three large choreographies in the south curve, a few  Events with the nephew of Kurt Landauer, Uri Siegel, as well as some texts in fan publications later, the name Kurt Landauer and his likeness have become an integral part of the Bayern fan community. The commitment of a young film team from the Kreisjugendring with its documentary KICK IT LIKE KURT and the (remembrance) work of the Reconciliation Church in Dachau also contribute to the fact that the name Kurt Landauer is also perceived outside of the FC Bayern world. In 2013, Kurt Landauer was named honorary president of FC Bayern, in 2014 a film about him was broadcast on the Erste and the engagement of the Schickeria was honored with the Julius Hirsch Prize of the DFB.


Our goals

According to our statutes, the purpose of the association is the selfless organization and implementation of social projects in the areas of supporting people in need, promoting help for those persecuted politically, racially or religiously and for refugees and promoting the memory of those persecuted.

We have a bunch of ideas in our heads how we can achieve these goals, which can be realized in the following projects, among others:

  • Tending to the graves of people who have done a great job for FC Bayern Munich and remembering these people

  • Supporting people innocently in need, especially members and former members of FC Bayern Munich, in a financial and non-material way

  • Organizational and financial support for young people in intercultural soccer teams, among others within the framework of buntkicktgut - Initiativgruppe eV

  • Encounters between refugees and young Bayern fans when they visit the stadium together

  • Implementation of historical city tours on the subject of National Socialism to promote cultural exchange with young people, e.g. from buntkicktgut and their international partner organizations

  • Remembrance work for the memory of deceased members of FC Bayern Munich who were persecuted by the National Socialists, e.g. Kurt Landauer and his family

Unsere Ziele


Our statutes can be downloaded here.

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