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Kurt Landauer is back - in the middle of Säbener Strasse!


We were very happy  when we officially inaugurated our honorary president's monument in May 2019 and presented it as a gift to the unique history of FC Bayern. We don't need to tell much more about Kurt Landauer, his life and his love for FC Bayern, thanks to the years of commitment of some authors, fans, historians and other people, his story is finally remembered and world-famous. Säbener Straße is also connected everywhere with FC Bayern, where the club has been at home for over 70 years.


Thanks to Kurt Landauer, who in 1949 - two years after his return from exile in Switzerland to Munich - ensured that his Bavarians could use a training ground again. “If you want to achieve something, you often have to go,” Kurt Landauer was quoted at the time, which makes clear his special commitment to the city of Munich and the American military government for Bayern Munich's own training ground. Kurt Landauer's bronze memorial was developed by the renowned Munich artist Karel Fron. Many pictures of the honorary president do not exist, if only the head and the upper body can be seen on them, which was a special challenge in the creation of the monument. Today Kurt Landauer is once again sitting life-size on a bench with the best view of his life's work.


The position of Kurt Landauer's left hand is reminiscent of the pose of Michelangelo's famous David statue, as a symbol of the outsider's victory over the tyrant Goliath, as well as a reference to his Jewish origins. Kurt Landauer leans his right hand on the concrete bench - over a gap that - if you see the bench as a timeline - stands for the break of civilization, National Socialism. The time over which our Honorary President builds a bridge. The concrete bench is not only curved like a fan curve in which Kurt Landauer sits among the fans, as a segment of a circle it stands for the fact that history has returned to him, for his rediscovery. The badge of honor from our club should not be missing on the Landauer jacket. It was only 19 months from the original idea to the inauguration and we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who made this project possible.


A special thank you to FC Bayern Munich for the trust, the great cooperation and the special place on the training grounds. Many thanks to all friends, supporters and donors of our foundation! Without you, the collection of around 80,000 euros for this memorial would never have been possible. We are also more than grateful to our artist Karel Fron with his team and the Munich Art Foundry for the wonderful artistic work, the great ideas and the brilliant implementation! On May 22, 2019, the memorial was ceremoniously unveiled by Uri Siegel, the then 96-year-old nephew of Kurt Landauer and honorary president of our foundation, and Uli Hoeneß, the president of FC Bayern.


Since then, many photos have been taken of FC Bayern fans visiting the training grounds with Kurt Landauer, which can be seen again and again in many photo albums and social media - so that this story will never be forgotten.

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